The War Memorials

At St Andrew's Church there are three War Memorials rememering the men from the village who lost their lives in both the First and Second World Wars.

The Great War Memorial is in the the grounds of St Andrew's Church and has recently been given Grade II listing. It was unveiled on 1st February 1920 and includes the men from teh parish and those who worked at St Audry's Hospital.

Inside the church there is a painted panel with the names of the men from the parish who lost their lives. There are also several individual memorials around the walls of the church. 

The Second World War Memorial is a carved stone panel set into the wall of the church behind the Great War Memorial.

The Great War Memorial

The Second World War Memorial Panel

Several other men have been identified as having a connection to the village but who are not on either of the Memorials.

Those from Melton that died and are not on the Memorials