A Tour of Melton

The intention of this site is to take you on a tour of Melton starting at Pytches Road, the boundary between Woodbridge and Melton, along Melton Road, past Prospect place and the playing fields where soldiers once set up camp, to the Woods Lane junction. From here we head north along Woods Lane to Bredfield Road and then back down to Doe's Alley or Valley Farm Road as it is known today. 

A left turn back at the Woods Lane junction - which at the time of the Great war was a "T" junction rather than a cross roads - and into the heart of the village. We pass the old school and sites of the Gaol and Page and Girling's foundry until we reach Saddlemaker's Lane. Here we head north once more, along Saddlemaker's Lane heading to Foxborough Hall and farm, passing Asylum Road and the Hermitage on the way.

Back at the junction with The Street we head towards Melton Corner, keep going and you head towards Ufford, Wickham Market and eventually to Great Yarmouth following the route of the old Tollpike Road from Ipswich. Turn right and you head towards the Wilford peninsular and Sutton Hoo, passing the Church of St Andrew and the station on your way to crossing the Wilford Bridge. 

Returning to Melton Corner we carry on along Yarmouth Road and you pass the old police house that stands opposite the Red Towers and Greylands. Heading up the rise you pass the gates to Melton Lodge and Tollgate cottages. To the right is Waterhead Lane, little more than a track these days, and where the Melton Almshouses were once located. Carrying on up the hill we pass Old Church Road that would take you to the original parish church and cemetery where there are two war graves for men who died in the Great War.

Still heading towards Ufford, we reach Upper Melton Terrace, a row of houses built for the staff and their families who worked at our final destination, St Audry's Hospital. 

Use the drop down menus to explore each area and read the stories of the people who lived in the village during the Great War.