Saddlemaker's Lane and Asylum Road

These people lived on Saddlemaker's Lane from the junction with The Street to Asylum Road. Saddlemaker's Lane was also known as New Road or Spring Road. Click on their names for their stories.


  Saddlemaker's Lane - also known as New Road or Spring Road
   Saddler's Cottage  Jack Addison
   Plantation Place  Arthur Needs
   Spring Road  Thomas Smith
  Asylum Road - now Lodge Farm Road
   The Hermitage  Sir Arthur and Florence Lushington
   Lodge Farm Cottages  William Ambrose
   Lodge Farm Cottages  The Smith Family Bertie, Frederick, Ernest and Walter
   Holly Cottage  The Read Family; William, Walter, Alfred, Albert, Herbert, Stanley and Ernest
   Beech Grove Cottage  The Cousins Family; George and Frederick